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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Floor Saver Glide® technology?
The Floor Saver Glide® technology is a unique, patented combination of geometry and material applied to the typical furniture glide base to create a unique base which resists the typical scratching and marring associated with standard glide bases.

What is the scratching and marring caused by standard school furniture glide bases?
Most furniture glide bases are composed of nylon, steel or felt.  All of these bases, over time, will cause damage, in one form or another, to VCT tile flooring.  Steel bases, either nickel or zinc plated, cause unattractive black streaking.  Nylon bases grab dirt and sand on the floor and grind it into the tile.  The sand and dirt ultimately embeds into the nylon base and acts as an abrasive sandpaper which continues to scratch the tile.  Felt glides provide a temporary solution by giving the glide a soft surface protecting the floor, but ultimately the felt compresses and hardens, with sand and dirt embedded into it, and becomes more abrasive and damaging than the nylon bases.

How does the Floor Saver Glide® reduce maintenance costs in schools?
Currently the only way to protect floors is with meticulous, expensive and time-consuming floor maintenance.  Schools which can afford to clean and wax all floors on a weekly basis and clean every glide bottom will have fewer cases of floor damage than typical schools who may perform floor cleaning and waxing monthly or even less frequently.  Moreover, the waxing procedure recommended by tile and wax manufacturers involves many, many coats of wax- a procedure which is generally not able to be followed by most school maintenance staffs due to time & budget constraints.  Furniture with Floor Saver Glide® bases are less prone to damage floors even in cases where floors are not meticulously maintained.

How does it work?
The unique patented shape of the Floor Saver Glide® base pushes dirt and sand out of the path of the glide as opposed to standard glide bases which run over the dirt and grind the dirt into the tile.  By moving less dirt under the base, under the load of the chair, the Floor Saver Glide® base is much easier on VCT tile floors.  The base itself is manufactured from a special material which slides over the tile much more easily than other standard bases.

Will the Floor Saver Glide® base make my VCT tile floors look better?
Absolutely- but, of course, in coordination with a good floor maintenance program. The Floor Saver Glide® bases will push dirt and sand away rather than grinding the dirt into the floors so less damage due to scratching will occur. Furthermore, Floor Saver Glide® bases will not produce the black marring that steel base glide bases produce. But, Floor Saver Glide® bases will not 'clean' your floors and they will not magically 'heal' any existing scratches in the tile. But if the floor is properly stripped, scrubbed, cleaned and waxed, then Floor Saver Glide® bases will better maintain the appearance of the floor and for longer, than typical glide bases.

How can the snap-on caps help?
Snap-on caps are easy to install since they simply snap over the bases of your original glides.  They are an easy and less expensive alternative to removing the old glides, buying new ones and installing new glides.  They can extend the life of your existing glides while protecting your floors from further damage.

You offer deep-profile, mid-profile and low-profile snap-on caps- how do I know which size will fit my glides?
Depending on the size, style and wear of your particular glides, either the deep-profile, mid-profile or low-profile cap will fit your glides the best. We offer a sample kit, which you may order, which should help you choose the right size cap. Also, the following page on our website can help you choose which size is best for you:

What will I receive in my order of snap-on caps?
You will receive, via UPS Ground, 100 caps in each bag you order.  100 caps will obviously be enough caps to refurbish 25 chairs or desks. 

How will my order ship & how long will it take?
All orders will ship via UPS Ground service, which will take anywhere from 1 day to 5 days depending on how far the destination is from Connecticut.  If you require a tracking number for your order, please e-mail  Each bag will include a brief set of installation instructions.

How do I put the snap-on caps on my chairs or desks?
Snap-on caps are very easy to install, much easier than removing and installing new glides. They simply fit over the swivel base of your existing glides. The following page on our website provides detailed installation information:

Who is Carpin Manufacturing, Inc. and is a division of Carpin Manufacturing, Inc..  Carpin is a glide and caster manufacturer and supplier who has been serving the office and school furniture industries for over 20 years with innovative furniture hardware products.  Our engineering and manufacturing facility is located in Waterbury, Connecticut. Our main company home page which shows more about us, our capabilities and the wide variety of products we offer can be found at:

In what other forms can I get the Floor Saver Glide®  base?
The Floor Saver Glide® base is offered for sale on this website as snap-on replacement caps, but the base is also produced as integrated into new furniture glides of any size and style.  If you are replacing the glides call or e-mail us to get glides with the Floor Saver Glide® base already on the glide.  And if you are ordering new furniture, call your furniture distributor and specify that you want the Carpin Manufacturing Floor Saver Glide® base on your new furniture. 



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