About Us

For over 20 years, Carpin Manufacturing has been serving the needs of the office and school furniture industries supplying quality products and services. From our manufacturing facility and customer service center in Waterbury, Connecticut, Carpin is constantly striving to find new ways to better serve its customers. Through innovations in process and design, Carpin has thrived and kept pace with the ever-changing needs of this competitive industry.

Carpin Manufacturing School Glides One of those needs is the most prevalent problem in school maintenance: damage to tile flooring and the expensive maintenance required to keep floors protected and looking presentable.  Since the growth in popularity of VCT tile, school maintenance departments and school furniture manufacturers have been searching for a solution to common floor damage, scratching and marring.  Some schools have even resorted to using tennis balls or felt pads as an expensive short term measure to provide temporary protection.

In response to the demands of the industry, Carpin has developed the Floor Saver GlideTM technology, which in laboratory tests and in schools across the country has reduced the damage and marring to VCT tile associated with standard glide bases.  This special base works by preventing dirt and other abrasive materials from being trapped between the glide and the tile.  Dirt is pushed away rather than grinded into the tile and floors will last longer and look better, with less maintenance.