What is the Floor Saver Glide® technology?
What is the scratching and marring caused by standard school furniture glide bases?
How does the Floor Saver Glide® reduce maintenance costs in schools?
How does it work?
Will the Floor Saver Glide® base make my VCT tile floors look better?
How can the snap-on caps help?
You offer deep-profile, mid-profile and low-profile snap-on caps- how do I know which size will fit my glides?
What will I receive in my order of snap-on caps?
How will my order ship & how long will it take?
How do I put the snap-on caps on my chairs or desks?
Who is Carpin Manufacturing, Inc. and Floorsaverglide.com?
In what other forms can I get the Floor Saver Glide® base?